Bobby wins again at Daytona Sandown Park for Round 4 of the DMAX Inter Enduro Championship. Finishing 15 seconds ahead of his nearest rival.
[From left to right: P3 Luke Cousins, P1 Bobby Trundley, P2 Andrew Tempest]


TW Steel DMAX Inter Endurance Championship

1st Milton Keynes

1st Sandown Park GP

2nd Whilton Mill

1st Sandown Park Alternate GP

1st Milton Keynes Cliff Circuit

2nd Whilton Mill Zulu Circuit

Last Bad Kart Sandown Park Alternate Reverse

Last Bad Kart/Meltdown Whilton Mill

1st Tamworth

TW Steel DMAX Inter Heats Championship

1st Daytona Milton Keynes

5th Daytona Sandown Park

2nd Whilton Mill Kart Club

3rd Daytona Sandown Park Alternate Reverse Circuit

2nd Daytona Milton Keynes Cliff Circuit

5th Whilton Mill Kart Club Zulu Circuit

1st Daytona Sandown Park Alternate Reverse

3rd Whilton Mill Kart Club

2nd Daytona Tamworth


TW Steel DMAX Inter Endurance Championship

3rd Daytona Milton Keynes           

3rd Daytona Sandown Park            

2nd Whilton Mill Kart Club               

1st Daytona Milton Keynes            

2nd Daytona Sandown Park           

2nd Clay Pigeon Raceway               

1st Daytona Tamworth                    

1st Daytona Milton Keynes            

TW Steel DMAX Inter Heats Championship

2nd Daytona Milton Keynes

2nd Wilton Mill Kart Club

2nd Daytona Milton Keynes

2nd Rye House Kart Raceway

2nd Daytona Sandown Park

2nd Clay Pigeon Raceway

2nd Daytona Tamworth

1st Daytona Milton Keynes

Daytona Sandown Park Inkart Championship unbeaten in every round he raced

Wins and podiums in many open races and team events.

Raced with a team at The Race Of Champions, Olympic Stadium Daytona Cup 4th overall out of 30 teams.

3rd Buckmore Park Solo Elite Endurance Club100


Started back at 14yo in TW Steel Daytona Dmax Championships for Senior Drivers.

                Didn’t do much racing at all due to budget

 One hour endurance

                3rd Whilton Mill

                2nd Rye House

                2nd Sandown Park

 Finalist “Ginetta Junior Scholarship” out of 60 


Daytona Sandown Park Inkart Champs 3rd overall in 11 round Championship


Buckmore Park  1st Place Minimax Novice

Buckmore Park Charlie Parker Memorial Trophy for most promising Junior Driver

2015 DMAX Awards Night.  Bobby picks up both his 2nd place trophies for both the Inter Endurance and Heats categories.