Above: Bobby aged 12 in 2011 at Buckmore Park

Bobby was diagnosed with Autism at four years old. He has struggled throughout his life trying to fit in, whilst dealing with bullying and discrimination at many levels.

Bobby showed an all-consuming passion for cars from an extremely young age and it was only natural that this be used as the way forward to a fulfilling and happy future.

Bobby reluctantly attended a karting party in 2009 and after huge encouragement was enticed to sit in a kart. He never looked back and won his first race that day.

His focus and drive to be the best he can be, has lead him to become a formidable opponent on the track. He has a raw talent, largely untapped due to financial constraints but he has excelled at everything he has set out to do. 

Bobby is well liked and respected on and off the track for his mature approach to racing and his naturally affable personality. He is a good listener, works hard and has the focus and drive needed to learn and improve his driving skills.

He dreams of being able to progress and drive in “The British Touring Car Championship” and to inspire others with Autism to follow their dreams. 

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?